Museums and Castles in South Tyrol

Museums, castles, shopping & Sport in Bruneck & surroundings 

Our hotel is located in an environment to relax and experience, and also if the weather should not be the greatest one day - you will never be bored under any circumstances. Our environment provides a great program for all-weather. We recommend:

... to art and culture lovers ...

The South Tyrol Museum of Folk Traditions

On the 4-hectare open area of the Folklore Museum in Dietenheim / Bruneck you can explore two dozen farms from different valleys of South Tyrol. Original furnishings and equipment of rural life, the craftsmanship and the daily management of the ancestors come to a better understanding . The Mair am Hof Residence is the heart of the Museum and shows the life of the landed gentry, handicrafts and religious traditions. Live animals and actions such as bread baking, herb chopping, sheep shearing, etc. make the open-air museum an adventure for families.

"Maranatha" - Mangers & Popular Art Museum - Luttach

Experience a spectacular journey through the mystical world of mangers. The trail leads from the popular Tyrolean crib through the ancient oriental birth to the modern group representation of a crib in modern art. Admire life-size wooden figures and highlights of traditional carving and craftsmanship, accompanied by atmospheric lighting and sound games.

Castle - Campo Tures

The castle is one of the most powerful, largest and most beautiful castles in Tyrol. Allow yourself a glimpse into the chapel, the torture chamber ...

Mineral Museum - St. Johann - Ahrntal

In the mineral museum you can see over 750 of the finest mineral specimens -which came to live over 30 million years ago- in the depth of the earth in the area of the Zillertal Alps and the "Hohe Tauern". In the multimedia space, the formation of minerals, searching and finding and its curative effect is shown. Be enchanted by the intense radiation of the various crystals of our mountains.

Archaeology Museum "Ötzi Museum Bolzano"

Built in 1998 the National Museum documents both, the 5300 year old glacier mummy, the Iceman Ötzi, the prehistory and early history of South Tyrol from the end of the last Ice Age (15,000 BC) to the time of Charlemagne (around 800 according to Chris.). The museum offers an exciting trip into the alpine past. Models, reconstructions, stereoscopic pictures, videos and interactive multimedia stations allow the same time demanding and entertaining insight into the past.

Mine - Prettau

Experience the unique world of mining in Prettau ! The mine will give you a comprehensive insight into the copper mining from prehistoric times until today. The mine is also a great experiences for families with children since all the visitors travel to the St. Ignatius Sough with the mine train deep into 1000 meters in the mountain railway station. From there begins the tour which shows you several working scenes, mining techinique ...

Asthma tunnel in the mine - Prettau

1100 meters inside the mountain there is a special microclimate that does well for people with respiratory problems, even preventively. Pharynx, larynx, trachea, main bronchi, small bronchi, alveoli ... the entire airway is regenerated with the cleanest air. A stay in the tunnel air will make you feel good !

... for the cozy ones ...

A visit to the library

Bruneck, Stadtgasse 63, Hintergasse 29
Uttenheim, elementary school or in Gais - Rathausplatz

... Body, Soul & Fitness ...

Fitness & Wellness

Vitalis DaySpa, Stadtgasse, Bruneck
Fitnessstudio Bodytec, GediCenter, 1. floor, Rienzfeldstrasse 30, Bruneck
Fitnessstudio Physiofit, Rienzfeldstrasse 41 in St. Georgen


Salon Lydia - Gais
Salon Ruth - Uttenheim
Salon Klippile - Reischach

Museum of Folk Traditions in Bruneck
Museum of Folk Traditions in Bruneck
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Souvenirs from your holidays in South Tyrol

If you are looking for a souvenir, you're spoiled with choices: Native crafts such as pottery, art weavers, jewelers, woodcarvers, fashion, wine, cheese or ham from South Tyrol,> the offer is diverse and will surprise you ! A shopping spree on a cloudy day is always an experience. Visit the city center of Bruneck: The fine shops with high quality Italian fashion will not only attract women!


Wednesday: Wednesday market in Bruneck
Thursday: Farmer's Market in Campo Tures

Arts & Weaving Eppacher

Kreuzbichler Strasse 7, 39030 Uttenheim
Traditional weaving art created by hand. The Products are made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen.

Bobbin show and exhibition

Haus Prettau in Prettau, Tel: 0474 654238
The lace in Prettau existed for over 100 years and is still made by the same operation. The Lace is upholstered in fabric, like with sawdust, then made to dress blouses, doilies, Christmas ornaments and much more.

Pine oil distillery - Issing

Own production and sale of essential oils and herbal products.

... For the sporty ones we recommend ...

Cron4 in Bruneck / Reischach

Here you will find an indoor swimming pool with sports and teaching pool, a fun pool with water slide and an outdoor saltwater pool, lawn and a small pond. In addition are 2 spa facilities with 8 saunas, hay baths, and a therapy area.

Furthermore, we recommend

Ice-skating in the summer & winter in Brunico
Tennis Hall in Bruneck, 2 places to be reserved
Tennis in Uttenheim
Climbing gym in Brunico
Bowling in St. Georgen, 4 fully automatic lanes
Air rifle shooting range at the Hotel Bruneck, Michael Pacher Strasse
Shooting range in the market hall of St. Lorenzen

 ... For the night lovers ...

Apres Ski

Pik Club in Campo Tures with the famous after-ski-party with live music on Wednesday night
K 1, Reischach, Kronplatz

Going out in Brunico

Hintergasse, Brunico
Mojito Cafe, Hintergasse 29, Bruneck